We have many Riding Clubs and Equestrian Centres holding qualifiers, there’s sure to be one near you! Feel free to contact them for dates and any extra information you need.

The venues that are holding qualifiers for Dressage are as follows:

Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex – http://www.onleygroundsec.com

April 20th and 29th, May 4th 6th 18th and 20th, June 1st 3rd 10th 15th 22nd and 29th, July 1st 2nd 8th 13th 22nd 23rd and August 12th.

Rockingham Forest Riding Club – http://www.rfrc.org.uk/

High Peak Riding Club – https://www.highpeakridingclub.co.uk/

Tall Trees Arena – http://www.talltreesarena.co.uk/

Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre – http://www.tumpygreenequestrian.co.uk/

Gate Riding Club – http://gateridingclub.co.uk//

Cherwell Valley Riding Club – https://www.cv-rc.co.uk/

Bold Heath Equestrian Centre – http://boldheathequestrian.co.uk/

Coventry and Keresley Riding Club – http://www.teamckrc.com/

Kimpton Horse Show – http://www.kimptonhorseshow.co.uk/

Dacorum and District Riding Club – http://www.dacorumridingclub.co.uk/

Whitfield Charity Show – http://www.whitfieldcharityhorseshow.co.uk/

Kingates Equestrian – http://www.kingatesequestrian.co.uk/

Wattisfield and District Riding Club – http://wattisfieldanddistrictridingclub.org/

Lakes Riding Club – http://www.lakesridingclub.org/

Cambridge & District Riding Club – http:/www./cambridgeridingclub.weebly.com/

Leamside Equestrian – http://www.leamsideequestrian.weebly.com/

Wheatley Show – http://www.info@bicesterridingclub.org.uk/

Thames Valley Riding Club – http://tvrc.co.uk/

Atherstone Riding Club – http:/www.atherstoneanddistrictridingclub.co.uk/

Messingham Show – http://www.messinghamshow.co.uk

Long Eaton Riding Club – http://www.long-eaton-riding-club.co.uk/

Fenland equestrian Centre – http://www.fenlandec.co.uk/

Cherwell Competition Centre – http://cherwellcompetition.co.uk/

Springwood Riding Club – http://www.springwoodridingclub.weebly.com/

Swallow Field Horse Show – http://www.swallowfieldshow.co.uk/

Harts Hill Riding Club – http://www.hartshillridingclub.co.uk/

Royal Artillery Equestrian Centre – http://raecti.co.uk/

Bozeat Riding Club – http:/bozeatridingclub.wexsite.com/

Maltby & District Riding Club – http://maltbyridingclub.co.uk/

Foreign Breeds Association – http://foreignbreeds.org/

Caerwys Agricultural Show –  http://www.caerwys-show.org.uk/

kingland Horse & Pony Show – http://www.herefordequestrian.co.uk

Northants Riding Club – http://www.northantsridingclub.weebly.com

Dean Valley Equestrian Centre – http://deanvalley.co.uk

Ripley Riders Club – http://www.ripley-riders.org

Caddington & District Riding club – http://www.caddingtonridingclub.co.uk





If you are a Riding Club or Equestrian Centre and wanted to be qualifying venue for our show feel free to email at secretary@greatmidlandshorseshow.com, we’d love for you to join our qualifying family.